AirsoftPro VSR CNC Zero Trigger Set V.4

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4th generation of the successful trigger mechanism for rifles VSR system. Durable and reliable trigger mechanism is basic premise for a successful upgrade sniper rifle. Stock supplied trigger mechanism is sufficient for basic springs. But when you use stronger springs, significantly increases possibility of the damage. Unfortunately you can`t avoid this even with cheap alloy triggers. Only steel machined mechanism can ensure the greatest durability.

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Product Details:

    • CNC Aluminum Alloy 6061- T6
    • Axis are made of stainless steel
    • The piston has a lightweight design and result to weight loss
    • Increased size of the internal O- ring for maximum sealing and better durability
    • New steel spring guide allows to use standard 7mm and 9mm springs.
    • Outer rotation spring guide sleeve is equiped with the thrust axial bearing
    • New body construction makes assembly much faster and do not require trigger guard modification!
    • Comes with a free M140 or M150 spring (put a note which one do you prefer) but is tested up to M180
    • For TM VSR and Clones
    • Compatible with other AirsoftPro internals

Changes in version 4:

Version 4 was made entirely from the beginning. It has a dimensionally different body that now makes it easier to fit with two screws.
Trigger sear is now longer , angled, so trigger is much more sensitive. No need to hard press anymore !
Above all, the trigger is now adjustable. You can change trigger stronge by tightening of the small screw at the bottom. (Require 1,5mm hex key)
Please note, that version 4 has NO safety lever option anymore. Be carefull during gun manipulation!
New springs better match to specified FPS. Now , based on your requests, also softer springs available.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 x 25 x 4 cm

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